The Perfection in the Trajectory

Whatever you are going through right now (heartbreak, loss, fear, depression, etc) is perfect for you in the current period in your evolution and education, as a Soul in human form. There are no mistakes in this immaculate trajectory; and where you stand as an individual, with your unique mix of concerns and challenges, is a launchpad for your healing and evolution. The challenge, if accepted thus, is the Golden Chalice offered you.

And so it is that all events and circumstances are perfectly orchestrated for you to enjoy a quantum leap in your evolution and healing, once you are able to embrace the situation as a Being of Perfect Love & Light, which is what you are at Essence.

The choiceless choice, then, as ever, is  Love over fear and Love over resistance (15th Jan 2013)

My Washpot

Forgiveness is the Great Softener, the Great Healer: it is by allowing the vibration and the idea of Forgiveness to wash right through you, through all of you, that it cuts through the harsh bedrock of your hitherto judgments and condemnations. It is the Divine Currency that topples all former egoic transaction, allowing you to See with fresh eyes, with great vision, with insight and love.

Welcome One and All!

Here you will find a blog devoted to my insights, techniques and observations from the world of Healing, Spirituality and A Course In Miracles.

So you can just turn to one easy page, and find it all here.

So here it is. Here are a collection:


If you are stuck ‘in the head’, psychological release never comes.

Instead, if you ask the Question, “How does this make me feel?” or “How am I feeling right now?” you will immediately drop into the feeling-state which is far more mutable and malleable, and shiftable, than the thought itself. The answer comes: “I feel terrible”. Great ~ drop into that Feeling State, allow the feeling of “terrible” to be, and as you do breathe it into the Heart Centre.

The body is far larger than the head to work with clearing the feeling.

It will then dissolve. You will then be peaceful again.

Q. How does one overcome pain, deficiency, limitation and the like?

A. By *BEING* with it completely. Do not try and push it away.

*BEING* with something completely without trying to in any way ‘do anything with it’ much less ‘push it away’ opens a doorway for more ‘Beingness’ to come through.

Beingness can be synonymous with Spirit, Divinity or Pure Consciousness (consciousness that is unidentified with body, thought or form).

So, paradoxically, pain and anything you have always tried to push away, can create the opening for the solution or the healing to come through.

The solution or the healing in this case comes from Pure, Unadulterated Consciousness that is not identified or besmirched by form.


The Divine Mirror

If you look at the Light someone has and withdraw all other judgment, they will transform before your eyes, as will you.