Divine Human Potential

I’m fascinated by what the very best version of someone is, where human starts to blend in with Divine Perfection.

This is wholly possible, and as far as I see, is the only meaningful next step in evolution that would have a benevolent impact here.

But how to ensure this Divine realisation?

1/ Know that ultimately you ARE Pure Spirit. This human experience is just a transient phase. But you are Pure Spirit right in this moment, beyond all your veils of forgetfulness and unforgiveness.

2/ Clear ALL your veils of fear and guilt. They are just smokescreens, mists against the sun, and can and should be EASILY cleared. Ping me if you want to know how.

3/ Forgive who and what you need to forgive. Forgive your past. Turn and face your past and shine Light directly down it.

4/ Notice any hatred, anger, judgment in you, let it up on the inbreath and transmute it in the heart-centre, breathe it out. Also, notice subtle judgment like judging others’ judgment!

5/ Notice any fear around physical health conditions: the fear acts as a dark glue that holds conditions in place. Enquire what the unforgiveness is that the disease represents and clear the unforgiveness.

In brief, you as Divine Light here is the most transformational thing you can do for yourself and humanity. You seeing others as Divine Light, BEYOND what the physical eyes see, is equally as transformational.

If you want ANY help realising, integrating and embodying your Divinity let me know.

How To Move From Problem To Paradise

I’m going to take you through a process now that will take you from any challenge or undesirable situation to its beautiful equivalent.

This is a process I use for myself and my clients and it works impeccably.

So take any disastrous or difficult situation you are currently facing.


How does it feel?

First we are going to CLEAR or TRANSMUTE the feeling.

Say to the feeling

“I’m surrounding this with Light”

Repeat to what remains of the feeling.

Repeat til all gone.

Now think of the situation. How does it feel now?

Repeat the phrase to the feeling that is there now.

Now think of the situation. Repeat the phrase to the feeling.

Repeat this process til the way you FEEL about the situation is AT MINIMUM neutral, if not positive (hopeful, optimistic, peaceful etc).

In a world of MASTERY… YOU dictate how you feel, the situation does not. See?

FURTHERMORE… AS YOU HEAL the inner about the outer, the outer will naturally optimise itself to CONFORM to your new inner world.

Does that make sense?


Now, I’m going to ask you a question about the situation. Let the answer come to you.

What is the PERFECT OUTCOME here?


What is the PERFECT OUTCOME here?

Let the answer come.

Rest, relax, breathe into the heart centre 3 times.

What is the perfect outcome here?

Now, say to the outcome “I’m surrounding this with Light”.


Repeat the entire sequence as and when you want.

It will UPGRADE AND OPTIMISE your inner landscape about the former challenging situation.

It will likely cause natural changes and improvements to the situation just because of the “quantum” relationships between inner and outer.

It will give you greater strength, peace and resourcefulness to KNOW what to do and how to be in the situation.


If you want me to take you through this problem to Paradise process in person let me know.

This is how miracles occur.

Law Of Reflection

I struggle with the idea of the law of “attraction” because, it suggest magnets or something else of physical quality. What is it, PHYSICALLY, in you that acts as the attractor to life events? It doesn’t quite stack up.

Reflection seems more accurate.

I’ve explored this topic in depth for quite a few years and also QnA’d extensively with my Divine Guide, to get a real handle on what is going on here.

Because, if there IS a manifestation potential in us OR a part in us causing outer problems, we’d want to know about it right?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

(1) 67% life is pre-determined, already scripted, nothing you can do about it. That’s why we meet the meaningful people we meet, in some cases marry them etc.

(2) What you CAN do about it of course is your inner response. You can heal your inner response, but there’d simply be an alternate, perhaps superior script for you to access and live out as a result of that.

(3) 15% of the time, if you’ve been approaching a situation with fear and negativity AND THEN you shift out of that state into peace/love THERE WILL BE A MIRACLE occurring in that situation: a dramatic and beautiful shift occurring on the outside (I’ve given multiple examples of this in previous posts- let me know if you want examples).

(4) When you CLEAR your emotions ie remove and transmute negativity, life is reflected differently: life is smoother, more elegant, as if there is a Divine sequence that you could not have chosen better.

(5) When you HEAL yourself people treat you differently. As you take out all self-hatred, people respect you easier. There is a reflected value when you see the value in your own self.


There’s a lot to unpack here, but, in short, as you heal your INNER REACTIONS to situations and heal your premonitions about upcoming events, your world and life, your future, reflect those changes.

And it can happen spontaneously.

Question for you:

Would you like to learn how to heal your inner self about an outer situation?

What situation are you struggling with?


If you want help with this, to HEAL your inner world to bring beautiful shifts to an OUTER situation you are struggling with, please dm me now via WhatsApp

+44 77239 25056


The Feeling Is The Cornerstone

You have often heard me say that the emotional feeling in the body is the fuelling for the projection.

Change the feeling and the projection changes. In the space of a few seconds.

Have you noticed how your emotional state can change on a sixpence?

You could be entirely dreading something one moment, then another thought comes in of a more pleasant hue and your whole internal state changes. Then you can’t recall what you were thinking about that was causing such dread.

Ridiculous isn’t it? All the while you’re still doing something mundane like waiting for a bus and all that internal drama has been going on. Feels like you’ve been part of a Spielberg masterpiece just while waiting for a number 45.


Everyone is going through their own version of this. Their own internal flashes and bangs and torment and relief, throughout the day. You could have the most mundane life but the richest inner world!

Does this point to the ridiculousness of subjectivity? Of the ludicrousness of the inner world?


The upside of the fact that emotions come and go is that they are inherently shiftable and clearable, like mists clearing to reveal the sun.

Alas, our more potent and portentous emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, unfairness are very compelling. We unconsciously are transfixed by them, which keeps them in place for an unnecessary stretch of time, and each have their own unique narrative for the particular situation that is generating them.

The narrative is not true or real, it’s just set up to feel that way. The narrative is the set of thoughts that comes with the emotion in that moment. The narrative hoodwinks us to think it’s fact.

The combination of emotion and thought-narrative give us our entire supposed reality, that we SUPERIMPOSE on a situation. Each of ours is slightly different if not entirely different. Whose is true? What is the situation without our thoughts about it?


As humans we are very up in our head which means we get lost in these narrative projections. And deem them to be true.

The way out?

Drop into the body to the way you FEEL and then clear the feeling. Can you believe we really are prisoner to that tiny scintilla of emotion in the body. The fuel to the entire false projection.


Bring your awareness down into the body. What’s the emotional feeling there right now?

Now listen to what the emotion is saying.

Do you really want the answers to these 2 questions governing your entire reality?


Book a session with DanΒ here.

Secrets Of The Miracle

With any challenging situation, the way to bring about an amazing outcome:

1. De-dramatise πŸ—’

Take all the internal drama out. The human mind looooves drama, turbulence, ripples. But those “vibrations” keep the status quo of the existing challenge going, and negative judgment is the “dark glue” that holds suboptimal situations in place.

Inner causing outer, see? So dig in and heal internally. Heal your inner world about the outer situation.

2. See The Best Possible Outcome or Version Of Events πŸ“ˆπŸ’«

Run the best outcome in your mind’s eye a few times. Notice what you see and notice how it feels.

The shadow of ‘fdc’ (fear, doubt and concern) may come back up at this point, if it does, clear.

You might use a question like “What’s the best outcome here?” and let the answer come, to gain clarity here.


Try this my friends. Both steps are important. You’ll know you are close to the miracle occurring when you feel free in the body in relation to the situation.

Please let me know how you get on.

And if you are stuck or want to know how to REALLY get good at this, let me know via message.



Be Coached All Year

Imagine, working with me all year.

Every week.

Constant support and help.

For emotional, situational, psychological and life issues.

Using my advanced psychology skills and advanced healing abilities to get to where you most want to be in your life.

Each area of your life: cleaned up and optimised.

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Questions for you:

If you were coached in this way, what is the best possible outcome?

What do you want to happen as a result of the coaching?

What would that mean to you to have this outcome?

Where are you at now, and where do you want to be?

Schedule your call and let’s make it happen.

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The Machinery Of A Miracle

Yesterday something happened, the likes of which has happened so many times, that I want to share the machinery of how it works.

Someone I’d been working with had been experiencing some drama and difficulties in her immediate family life. There had been some in-fighting and she was troubled by this. As someone who had a natural tendency to ‘wcs’ or worst-case scenario, her mind would periodically be flooded with fear about some catastrophisation that might befall her.

I kept her focussed on the work, which was for her NOT to let her mind and body go to drama. To DE-dramaticise. To remove fdc (fear, doubt and concern) as soon as it arises.

Then booom, last night, we were chatting away, some fear came up for her “Yeah, but what if ..?” and I asked her to clear it. She did. She then went to neutral. Then it dawned on her to send Love and Light in her mind to one of the family members tied up in the infighting.

5 minutes later he texted with a lovely message.


To put it academically, she’d dropped all her hitherto perceptual points about the situation, sent Light instead and the situation then melts and unravels to reflect the inner shift. Make sense?


Now what situation can you do this for?

Where can you clear ALL your fdc and send Light instead?

NB. If you want real mastery at this, message me. I’ll get you very set up for miracle-mindedness!



Victor, Not Victim


The sales trainer came in to attempt to train us very skeptical, battle-weary individuals who thought they knew all they had to about their role. We’d had trainers come and go and they left no impact.

This guy was yammering away about how you can chose your mental state and I thought what a crock. I didn’t buy all that false yee-haa positivity (indeed I struggled a lot with my moods) and I was probably the most skeptical in the room, arms very folded across the chest in a “What you got?” pose.

So I stopped him. I said, it’s nonsense that you can change your mood. If you’re down you’re down, nothing you can do about it. He said, not true, you can. I said, Give me an example.

Whereupon he gave the exemplum of Dr. Viktor Frankl, the Jewish psychologist who was bundled, with his wife and parents, and taken to Auschwitz concentration camp during ww2.

He not only lost his wife and parents in the 1st few weeks of being there but the one thing that then kept him going – writing the manuscript for a book he had already started – was taken away and stamped into the ground.

As his fellow prisoners reduced to skeletal mass and struggled to lift even one foot over a step to leave their dorm, sleeping 4 or 5 to a bed, he noticed a psychological phenomenon.

As a psychologist, he noticed that between the stimulus of an outer event e.g. of being hit by a guard, and the internal response e.g. rage, there was a small gap.

In that gap, he saw he had the time to chose his outer response. Indeed, that was the difference between being beaten harder or not at all. If you are hit, and you retaliate, you’re hit harder.

He spent his time in there CULTIVATING that gap, widening it and after a few months he found WHATEVER was happening, he was peaceful. He resided in that ever widening gap. When it came to leaving the camps he felt entirely strong and peaceful.

When this trainer shared some of this I was indeed sold. Can’t argue with it. And Frankl was the inspiration to make my life better. To chose my mental states. And indeed to become a psychologist and to help others.

So if you’re in a foul mood, or you feel something is unfair, or any other victim mindset, check yourself. And chose again.


What would it be like if you could absolutely control your moods?

What would it be like if you could select the best possible moods whenever you wanted?

To move through negative moods at will?

Dan Sainsbury, world-leading Transformational Psychologist will show you.

Book your session here and Dan will get back in touch to schedule the session:

4 Reasons To Give Up On Fear and Anxiety

1/ They are entirely unnecessary, obsolete, redundant and unhelpful as emotions.

2/ They reduce your intelligence by contracting and constricting the mind.

To clear them EXPANDS the mind and allows you to see around problems.

To clear them allows new INSIGHTS to drop into your mind about how to navigate an issue.

3/ Physical comfort. To have them is just downright uncomfortable.

4/ Sometimes an outer “miracle” occurs, ie a beautiful shift in an OUTER situation in your life RELATED to the fear/anxiety having been totally cleared. I.e. the outer reflecting the inner.

I know all this not from books but from tough experience.

In my early 20s I wound up in A&E a few times with massive anxiety and not wanting to be on the planet anymore.

I was given valium, ADs and all kinds of other chemical nasties which made me worse.

I had to find my OWN way which was / is entirely NATURAL and mind-created.

I had to solve it myself. I did and now I do it for you.

✊ First step on your anxiety and fear clearing journey: go here


Life Optimisation Template


I was speaking to a very dear girl yesterday, full of great Light and promise yet whose mind is akin to that of a glitterball; sparkling in 1000 directions but none really going all the way.

She was tired by social media, realising her attention span had been culled by the shallow, dopamine-firing soundbytes and ridiculous gifs, so had switched it all off only to finding herself endlessly swiping on a dating site.

Immediately a solution comes through me, which it often does if I’m in help mode, and this is about having a point in life. An overarching “magnetic North” that you can reorient by if you get lost.

With no fundamental point or purpose or Why, we get easily blown off course, investing in micro bits of pleasure and hedonism rather than ploughing directly into Why you are here in this lifetime.

I have created a platform which allows you to see WHY you are here and then direct life and your days around that. I call it the Life Optimisation Template.

It will ensure you blast through the noise of life and stay on track with your most important thing here.

Sound good?

You can download itΒ right here