Healing The Relationship Woundology


Some of the biggest pain we have in life is related to intimate relationships.

I have often commented that if you see someone bawling their eyes out in public, it’s usually not because someone’s just died, but that someone has left them or is about to leave them.

Intimate relationships are so incredibly complex and delicate, and for many, so fraught with risk and potential triggers that it can feel like navigating a minefield.

It can sometimes feel as though a glowing, glistening wound opens up in the centre of your chest as soon as someone means something to you.

Relationship after relationship seems doomed and you wonder HOW you’re going to get it right, because if you do, it could be so majestic.

The Wound

The relationship wound is the part of you that sabotages relationships or that attracts you to partners that aren’t right in the long-term.

The wound can force you into performing behaviours that are suboptimal, even unrecognisable to you.

The wound can lead you to staying with abusive partners a little like a moth to a flame.

The wound is complex .. BUT IF HEALED, releases in you the deepest wellsprings of freedom and power and self-love.

IF HEALED .. will only attract you to the right partners who know and see and respond to your intrinsic beauty and value.

Introductory Session:

In the free intro session with Dan, he will:

• See your history in relationships: your choices, what has happened, the themes, the biggest challenges so far and Dan will take you through his techniques that will free you at the deepest and most expansive levels.

You can also download the Relationship Healing Roadmap which will give you a great overarching structure.

In the further sessions, you and he will

• Use deep healing and transformational psychology techniques to 100% HEAL all of the wound so there is no more fear, no more pain and no more prison-prism through which all manner of distortion is seen, which causes a lot of the problems. So that you are deeply and totally free.

• Paradigm shift your view of relationships so that you are not an “acquisitive consumer” within them or of them, but a co-creator, one that can have a maximally beautiful partnership and not a dysfunctional mess of infighting or terrible relating.

• Where your partner looks upon you with great love and awe rather than someone they can pick up and put down when they want.


The result of these sessions is freedom and joy at the deepest levels and being with partners who are incredible for long-term symbiotic relationships.

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Dan specialises in the total healing and optimisation of your mind and body. Think of it like a life upgrade.

Think of it like the OPTIMUM version of yourself.

Dan’s mission is that you are totally FREE from the prison of your mind.

So, what is your biggest pain in life right now?

What would it be like to totally overcome it?

Dan’s pricing is extremely reasonable so please enquire, by filling out the following:

He will get back to you within 24 hours. Meanwhile please feel free to check out his reviews section.

The Golden Upward Spiral


Did you know that when you manage to totally clear your fear about a situation, that very often the perfect version of that situation naturally reveals itself?

This has happened in my life and in the lives of many clients so many times that I see the pattern of causation clearly.

Some examples:

▪ A lady ranting and raving about her separated husband that he had not been paying her and her daughter’s upkeep even though he was wealthy and she not. She was SO incensed during one session, he hadn’t paid them for years, then we cleared ALL the negativity in her then DURING THE SESSION he texted out of the blue saying he’s ready to do a deal. Before then she hadn’t heard from him in years.

▪ A lady who wanted to leave her boyfriend and ask him to leave her house but she was too afraid to as he had anger issues. We cleared ALL her fear and guilt about leaving him. He ended up coming to her the very next morning, very calmly saying he had to leave. Relationship over, no problem. She’s now very happy with someone else.

▪ A lady with traumatic wounding from being abused as a child kept on dating charming men who ended up being abusive. We healed ALL her wound til she felt free and fearless, the most gorgeous men kept asking her out on dates, and a dear friend who’d she’d known for a while even proposed. She asked me “how she could turn this thing down!”.

▪A lady who’d had awful experiences with a property and she just could not sell it. I cleared ALL her negativity about it, we ran a process where she saw and felt ONLY the best outcome and within 2 weeks it was sold. A lot of money in her bank.

I have about 20 other examples of this, in my or clients’ lives.


How you FEEL about something can dictate the ongoing NATURE of that situation.

The inner is causing the outer. Heal the inner to reveal and manifest the best possible version of the situation.

If you can clear and remove ALL negativity, what I call “fdc” (fear, doubt and concern) about a situation, that situation then rewrites itself along the miraculous lines. Miracles need at least a TEMPORARY suspension of judgment and doubt.

• Do you see how this works?

• What situation(s) would you like to see transform in this way?

• Would you like help with it?

• What would be the benefit of truly nailing this?


Book your complimentary intro session here Dan’s Schedule.

To your best,


HiSAM: High Integrity Sales and Marketing


It’s really hard to stand out amid all the 100,000 coaches and therapists that exist.

It’s really hard for consumers to KNOW that YOU are the go-to person in this field.

Coaches who have barely 1 week of training behind them can get “in on the act” and by dint of mesmerising marketing, funnels, landing-pages and all the modern smoke-and-mirrors, can land-grab and sign up people for $1000+ and then give NO relief to the client’s problem.

Have you noticed this?

YOU who have the highest integrity, YOU who have the tremendous gift and track-record in helping people, it’s YOU I want to assist.

I give a course 4 x a year called “Hi SAM”, High Integrity Sales and Marketing,

The next one starts Feb 23rd.

Maximum Group Size is 5 so I can devote my time to you to ensure you are successful as you deserve to be.

Many thanks, and to your best.

PS This is for therapists only not coaches.


It’s 12 weeks deep dive into the most beautiful, refined, elegant way of getting in front of and communicating with the people you most want to help.

Here are the details:

Week 0

On signing up, Dan will send you a questionnaire so that he can understand what your therapy is, who you typically help and what your ultimate desires are pertaining to your therapy business.

Weeks 1-3: Setting Out The Stall:

Understanding, Defining, Delineating your “minimum viable target market”

Who can you REALLY help?

Who are you REALLY drawn to helping in the world?

Who is your community? How do you wish to commune and communicate with your community?

The importance of a “minimum viable target market”.

What do you care about in the world? What’s your cause? (Knowing this unlocks your creative and execution energy)

What’s the outcome of someone working with you? 

What state are they in before working with you? And afterward?

Weeks 4-6: Communing With Your ‘Non-Local’ Community

Where do they hang out?

What are the best marketing materials that will draw them?

What’s the message and the story that moves them?

1:1 sessions?


Deliver the marketing and see the results. Test, tweak, feedback, optimise. 

Weeks 7-9: High Integrity Selling and Enquiry-Conversion and Maximising The Value Of The “Deal”

How to convert an enquiry to a paying client using a science-based sequence.

How to move a client from the idea of ad hoc “cost per” sessions to bulk, value-based buying.

How to use the “art of the arc”: the scientific basis of asking the RIGHT SEQUENCE of questions to a prospect, instead of trying to persuade or cajole or pitch to maximise the size of the ‘deal’.

How to use the right question at the right time to trigger someone into action. 

How to use a No to provoke someone into movement.

Becoming client-centric not ego-centric.

Weeks 10-12: Finessing Your Sales And Marketing

Honing, finessing your marketing sequences and client-generation abilities.

How to ensure your happiest clients become a HiSAM machine for you


1. This is the broadest structure. Dan will modify as to the needs of the group as and when it matters. 

2. Your perfect outcome of the course is what Dan will deliver to.

3. The perfect outcome of your therapy business, rather your Empire, is what you and Dan care about.

To express your interest, please fill out the below:


Client Case Study

So I want to share with you a session I did today which is so typical that has happened so many times with many different people and I know this will help you.

So I am working with an up-and-coming healer / medium who was afraid of exploring and then using her gifts and I’ve seen it so many times — including in myself many years ago.

So without going into all the detail of the cognitive narrative of what the fears were (as that could take 40 years!) I want to just explain to you how I did the healing work to shift her reality in about 40 minutes.

I did the healing of her CURRENT perception about becoming a visible healer/medium — and we worked at the level of the FEELING of the fear itself. The reason I do that is that the feeling is the fueling for the mindset or the perception, and perception by its nature is faulty.

The word somewhat gives it away: per-ception is a per-centage of the Truth.

So we go into the feeling itself in the body, and we clear. The more we did that the more her mindset, her perception, elevated iteratively from

“I can’t do this. No way.”

To “I can kinda see myself doing this” to “Ah this is ok actually”.

So that is Step A is we heal the current perception to a point where it’s at least neutral, veering to positive.

Step B is what I call Future Optimisation. The way I do that is by, now that she’s in a relaxed state, bringing her awareness down into the heart centre, I ask what I call a Superlative Question, one that deliberately provokes her higher mind to answer:

“What’s the best outcome of being a healer/medium?”

The answer came to her and she just saw herself loving doing the work, such a relief that it had worked out, happy that it’s financially viable.

We ran those questions a few times to really provoke the Vision and with it the beautiful feelings of expansion come.

I then move to Stage 3 which is AUGMENTATION, amplification and embodiment of the FEELINGS of the future desired state so that she feels it now, embodied. The future desired state becomes a present moment reality. A new perception.

Her perception has moved from fear-based to Love-based.

Now, in her own words, she will not die with the music still in her.


You can now buy Dan’s book “Keys To The Kingdom: 7 Advanced Psychological Techniques To Take You From Problem To Your Paradise”which contains many other of these case studies as well as a wealth of techniques.

You can buy it here

Specialist Program: From Your Biggest Weakness To Your Greatest Strength

Often our biggest vulnerabilities in life contain all the ingredients that allow us become the most powerful versions of ourselves.

So often we hear about the bullied child who becomes a powerhouse as an adult whose mission is to stamp out bullying.

Or the person who is petrified at public-speaking who goes on to become one of the world’s leading speakers.

Or the person whose mental and emotional health saw him in hospital a few times who healed himself and becomes a leading transformational psychologist.

Ok that last one is me.

So within you and beyond your biggest weakness right now is EVERYTHING you need to become a mighty version of yourself. I know this to be true as I’ve done it for myself and many others.

If this sounds like you please fill out your details below and Dan will have an initial chat with you.


You hear it all the time.

Someone says the most important thing (MIT) for them in their life is peace and happiness yet none of their activities in the day are structured to produce that.

Another example would be an MIT of “being healthy” yet no platform or structure to guarantee that result.

The reason being is that the mind is not your friend.

It’s akin to being pulled by 10,000 wild horses in different directions.

Unless you know your MIT AND the way to achieve it AND what to do right now, the mind goes back to mush, to mediocrity, to middling.

Even when I have run the Life or Thought Optimisation Template with people, they love it, they:

• See exactly what’s most important for them

• They then see HOW to make it happen

• They see even what they need to do right now

Namely, their:




AND YET the next day, their mind – so unused to discipline and focus and structure and being HONED – will flab amorphously and try and redirect them. I know that, so I’m on ’em again 12 hrs later. 24 hrs later.

Til I know it’s then a self-perpetuating mechanism!

It’s SO important, once you know your MIT, to devote yourself to it wholesale. Every day. Multiple times a day.

Over to you:

What’s the most important thing in your life? How would you know, at the end of life, YES life has been a success?

What’s the best way to ensure it happens?

What’s the best thing to do right now to ensure it happens?

Why’s it so important to you?


If you want to REALLY lock down on your MIT, your best way to make it happen, your best next step to make it happen, your reason Why that is your FUEL, give me a shout. I’ll bring you there.


2 Techniques To Clear All Negative Emotion

When we are stricken and overladen with fear or anxiety or any other mordant emotion it affects everything.

It weakens us, disempowers us, disallows us from moving forward in life optimally.

We are not allowed to see clearly in those times, in fact the tough emotion is the lens through which we see. Very cloudily. Very inaccurately.

There are certain situations where we’d love to get a grip on our emotions and their ensuing runaway thoughts.

For example, what value would there be if you had absolutely no fear or anxiety when it came to:

▪ Public speaking

▪ Telling someone no

▪ Negotiating a huge payrise

▪ Leaving a job you hate to begin a career that you love

▪ Addressing an ongoing conflict?

In so many areas of life, fear and anxiety flare up and stop us really thriving.

It gives me pleasure to adorn you with 2 techniques that clear these tough emotions which restores peace, power and a clear-mind to you, in the matter of a few seconds.

Decades of anxiety can be melted in a very short space of time, like 3 seconds. These are the techniques I use for both my clients and myself.

It’s available here


To your best.