*Pick the feeling that you are most trying to avoid in yourself at the moment — yes go on, go there .. *As you allow that feeling into your Awareness, allow it also to rise up into the Love that you can generate in the Heart combined with the Love of the Divine (or ifContinue reading “A LOVELY HEALING RECIPE”


THE EYE OF THE HEART Let the eye of the Heart look upon what the mind has been wrangling with. For when you shift into the Heart and see from there all is at once restored and blessed, healed. It is as if there are 2 concurrent perception choices going on at any one time.Continue reading “THE EYE OF THE HEART”

EGO BEGETS EGO and other recent articles

Ego begets ego. That is to say, when you respond with ego (disdain, anger, fear etc) to someone else chances are you will get ego back from them. You are just mutually flexing the ego muscle. Conversely, when you forgo the usual ego mechanisms (the usual patterning that is triggered by a situation or person)Continue reading “EGO BEGETS EGO and other recent articles”


A GOOD EXERCISE WITH BREATH Breath is used in many forms of spiritual health. Breath has the same root as ‘spirit’ as in ‘inspire’ and it is said to be our bridge to the Divine. That certainly feels true in my experience. It is our cluttered and pernicious minds that keep us from experiencing Divinity,Continue reading “Breathe”