I = the square root of all suffering

If you look for the sense of “I” or “me” in the self, which according to most spiritual systems is the square root of all suffering, you will not be able to find it. If you turn the gaze within and try and seek out the sense of “I” it vanishes in a ‘puff’. SoContinue reading “I = the square root of all suffering”


THE EYE OF THE HEART Let the eye of the Heart look upon what the mind has been wrangling with. For when you shift into the Heart and see from there all is at once restored and blessed, healed. It is as if there are 2 concurrent perception choices going on at any one time.Continue reading “THE EYE OF THE HEART”


ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL THIS Pain, be it physical or mental, can be a block preventing the natural flow of ‘life-force’ within the body. These blocks can then be reinforced by our natural desire to want to avoid feeling pain. We can turn the tables on this though, simply by ALLOWING YOURSELF TO FEEL IT.Continue reading “ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL THIS”


A GOOD EXERCISE WITH BREATH Breath is used in many forms of spiritual health. Breath has the same root as ‘spirit’ as in ‘inspire’ and it is said to be our bridge to the Divine. That certainly feels true in my experience. It is our cluttered and pernicious minds that keep us from experiencing Divinity,Continue reading “Breathe”